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About Mindi

Mindi Anderson is a Behavioral Wellness Partner, Speaker and Author.  A lifelong student of human psychology and how it relates to the habits we form in life.  She founded The Inspired Life to partner with people from all walks of life in the US and abroad: to create individualized circles of wellness for a life of complete prosperity in mind, body and soul.

She holds a graduate degree in Behavioral Health and Psychology, is a certified nutrition counselor, and a trained and certified pilates and yoga instructor, she has over 300 hours of training, making her a true partner for persons seeking to lead a balanced lifestyle.

She enjoys her other passions in life, spending time with family, friends and traveling.  Mindi enjoys playing tennis, fitness, reading and spending time with her husband of 20 years and their two little fluffy dogs.


  • Online health partnering
  • Individuals and group programs
  • Group program begins August 2017